About Us

We are only an online store, we do not have any physical stores or discount stores in any country/region.

We have been designing, creating and selling our work online since 2018. Our online store is safe and easy to use - have fun and feel safe while your shopping is our priority.

We have a pleasant and busy workshop where local artisans are happy to make beautiful garments for you and we make sure the working environment is good and everyone is paid fairly.

We pride ourselves on designing and producing all our clothes, not the big factories in the countries where many swimsuit manufacturers like to order their products.
Our work is filled with love and care. We take pride in ensuring that all of our talented employees are happy and that our work is of high quality.
From ensuring the best quality and suitability of our products, to answering all your questions and requests as soon as possible, we are always at your service! We love to see people from all over the world bring us smiles every day.